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Publications by the community of scholars

Community members attend regular section meetings to discuss their latest research findings. The academy publishes the proceedings of these meetings in the series “Sitzungsberichte” (meeting reports – presentation format) and “Abhandlungen” (treatises – monograph format).  

Thanks to these two formats, you can find all publications by the community of scholars dating from 1759 in the respective series, regardless of whether you are looking for meeting reports, for example, originating from one of the current sections or from one of the historical classes (e.g. the History-Philosophy class). 

We have converted all of the meeting reports to digital format (and are in the process of converting all the treatises) and have made them available free-of-charge on our institutional repository. 

In its early days, the community of scholars also published “Jahresberichte” (annual reports), ”Gelehrte Anzeigen” (scholarly announcements) and “Akademische Reden” (academic discourses), which we will also gradually make available online.

Publications on the history of the community of scholars