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Long-term projects, institutes, forums, ad-hoc working groups

Long-term projects

The academy specialises in long-term research. Projects with timelines of at least 12 years form the cornerstones of the academy’s work. Certain ambitious projects have already been underway for a number of decades.


The academy’s long-term projects are administered and supervised by two committees:

  • Project Committee
  • Project Advisory Board

The Project Committee is where the project director meets with a small number of experts and a staff member to discuss and organise research work on a day-to-day basis. Workloads are adapted to daily requirements, decisions on recently raised issues are made and the next stages of the project are prepared.

The Project Advisory Board is tasked with supervising the work of the Project Committee. Its members contribute their advice and expertise particularly coming up to evaluations and major milestones – such as the start of a new module. The Advisory Board is presided over by a member of the community of scholars to ensure that experts are engaged in projects.